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It is our pleasure to welcome you to SABIT website, via which we aim to build an effective communications with our customers and visitors, through the site you can identify our products which we specialized in producing Bituminous waterproofing membrane , thermal insulation boards from extruded polystyrene (XPS),  Oxidized Bitumen, and different kinds and grades of road pavement Bitumen such as (PMB).

SABIT introduces in this website updated news, recent activities and a rapid coverage of exhibitions and events we contribute into.
Moreover, the site provides communication services, through the portal you can contact all our departments and managerial sections such as Sales, Procurement, Human Resources and more, Through the site you can find our products line catalog designed for ‘save and print’, The Portal also  provide the company contact info and the factory location map.
And you can apply for job vacancies using our website, candidates can apply and upload their C.Vs to our Personnel Department.
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Management Team


In the years ahead the vision of SAUDI BITUMEN IND. CO LTD - SABIT is to construct and build leading factories to produce even more different kinds of high quality products to cover the growing demand from construction projects in The Kingdom Of Saudi Arabia and abroad, since we specialize in manufacturing Bituminous Waterproofing Products, Thermal Insulation Boards (XPS) and Road Pavement Asphalt (PMB) in the kingdom of Saudi Arabia, using the integrated capacity of SABIT Company, based on the available huge resources in The kingdom from raw materials, energy and government support and that proves what we do in SABIT is in line withe Saudi Arabia Vision 2030 which will make us in the top of the leading countries.

Along its career, SABIT considers the confidence and satisfaction of clients as one of the most important successes achieved by the company since year 2000, we feel that we are entitled to reach customers satisfaction by introducing the state-of-the-art services along with the high quality products. Therefore we keep dedicated to obtain the latest technologies as well as to use the best raw material available worldwide. Excellent reputation of our company SABIT and it's products Accreditations and Certificates we gained, confirm this trust and enhance preserving it.
The company use high end advanced technology of production in the world, as well as the finest raw materials for the production of various Bituminous and insulation products, SABIT Products have been certified by ISO 9000, Saudi standard –SASO, and environment certificate, as well as our products have been approved in most of the Saudi government ministries and gulf countries.

In conclusion, I would like to extend my sincere thanks and appreciation to our government for the continuous support to the private sector, and SABIT board members for their continued trust and support, also thanks to the management team and employees for their continues efforts to achieve the company ambitions and goals.

Thank you & best regards, 



General Manager
Emad M. Al-Nafisah


It’s of my pleasure and honor being among the working team in this great facility of our esteemed Company SABIT; where we gained more than what we’ve introduced! That comes to reality as a natural result of the Blesses of Allah Almighty and then considering the wise leadership of his Excellency the General Manager, and the Company Board members.
The Company managed to overcome the challenges till got situated on top of the Kingdom-wide pioneer companies dealing in road bitumen; with distinct qualitative assorted range of products satisfying our customers on time. Truly our dear customers constitute the base of our success, of course that is considering in first our God Blesses!
Thanks a lot for every input provided from your side, God bless you All!


Factory Manager


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